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Bigtop is a new live streaming app built for creative expression

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We reimagined streaming as a fun, fast-paced, and uniquely shared group experience

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Bigtop sessions are like "open mic" talent shows with a live audience

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Time limits make it easy to jump in

Sessions are timed and individual streams are limited to only 5 minutes

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The most upvoted streams get pushed to the top of the feed for maximum exposure

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We limit the number of concurrent streams so everyone gets a chance to be seen

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Quickly and easily reach a live audience - just remember to keep an eye on your timer!

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Bigtop for iPhone is in beta for creators who want to be early adopters and help shape the app.


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Community Guidelines

Bigtop is a platform for live creative expression. Our goal is to foster a community of diverse talent in a safe, friendly environment. In addition to our Terms and Conditions, we offer these guidelines for our users. The Bigtop staff reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts at any time for violating these guidelines, or for any other conduct that we determine is inappropriate.

No violent acts, threats of violence, or glorification of violenceNo promotion of terrorism or violent extremismNo nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit contentNo breaking the lawNo obscene content or excessively gory contentNo self-destructive behavior or encouragement of suicidal behaviorNo harassment or abuseNo hateful conduct of any kindNo unauthorized sharing of personal informationNo impersonating other people or organizationsNo malicious content, scams, or spammingNo election interferenceNo third-party advertising or brand deals without permission

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us.


It's time to reinvent the live streaming experience

Bigtop is the first video app built exclusively for short live streams. We designed it for short-form content creators who are looking for new ways to express their creativity.

Over 2 billion hours of live video are watched every month on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, but we think the potential is much bigger. Traditional video platforms have done a lot of work to make live streaming accessible to everyone, but they are designed for long-form streams like gaming and just chatting.

On Bigtop the pacing is faster, the barrier to entry is lower, and spontaneous discovery of random live talent is insanely fun. It's a uniquely shared experience that's unlike any other video app.

Platforms for creative expression are more important than ever. There's a ton of untapped live talent out there waiting to be unleashed and discovered. We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with live video.

Rick Rey
Founder & CEO

Michal Smialko
Principal Developer

Bigtop FAQ

How do I install Bigtop?

Bigtop is in private beta for iPhone, so you have to be invited to install the app. Sign up here to join the beta. You will receive a special link over email to install Bigtop through Apple’s TestFlight program.

Why 5 minutes?

It's enough time to do something fun and meaningful live. We know there are many types of live content that don’t fit a 5 minute time limit, so we’re asking creators to make adjustments for our format. This is just a starting point, and we have big plans for how timers will work in the future.

What kind of content works well on Bigtop?

There are no limits to creativity! Of course there are obvious categories for engaging live content like performance, art, comedy, and reviews, but we hope to see new styles of live entertainment popping up on Bigtop. Just be your real self and try it out!

What kind of technology is powering Bigtop?

Bigtop utilizes new video transport protocols and modern video codecs optimized for native mobile playback to deliver high framerate, high resolution streams to viewers with ultra low latency. It's like 🔥 stuff.

Who is behind Bigtop?

Bigtop is a Los Angeles startup studio that makes awesome live streaming apps. Learn more at The studio was founded by Rick Rey, an internet video veteran and first-generation vlogger.

When is the Android version coming?

We're targeting early 2021. Please sign up for the beta and indicate Android as your preferred platform so we can contact you when it’s ready.

What countries is Bigtop available?

Currently, US only. We will be adding other areas soon, so please sign up for the beta and indicate where you’re from so we know which areas to prioritize.